Technology and talent for maximum performance.

APD has the most advanced technological equipment in terms of quantitative analysis, so all the stages of the production process are completely controlled. We also have highly qualified professionals in our team, with experience in the sector and a clear vocation for innovation and service.

This, added to our analysis and classification of raw materials for their subsequent use on the smelting process, guarantees the quality and uniformity of all our products.

Our Premises

APD can produce more than 10,000 tons a year in our 20,000m2 area that has the following production equipment:

· Oxygas rotary furnace with 30,000kg capacity.
· 2 Induction furnaces of 1,250kW, with a capacity of 3,000kg each.
· 4 Induction furnaces of 750 to 1,000kg capacity.
· One straightening machine.


APD has a young and dynamic team with an innovative spirit and also with an extensive experience in the sector.

Our team is made up of 40 highly qualified professionals, organized in the following departments: Technical and Operations, Commercial, Purchasing, Human Resources, Production, Maintenance and Administration. Among them there are five graduates in Chemical Science who offer extremely valuable technical knowledge.

In addition to our team, APD also has agents in Spain and abroad.