Our mission and vision

APD, your partner in copper-based alloys.


Establish win-to-win relations with our clients.
This is our main objective, and it is the premise on which we base our activity.

We see our work as a partner collaboration- with our clients, our suppliers, and our professional team. We satisfy our clients’ needs by providing a rapid and effective personalized service and an optimum price-quality relationship. The resources and processes we use are all optimized and show the greatest respect for the society and environment. We want to be your copper casting alloys partner.

Growing together.


APD aims to become a reference in the sector, being recognized for establishing a partnership with our customers and for encouraging the profitability of their businesses so they can grow together with us.  With our working partners, this objective undergoes as a progressive expansion, allowing us to open ourselves up to new markets and worldwide business opportunities, in terms of sales and purchasing.